Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are all around me lately. I seem to be pulling them in and so I would like to thank the woman who paid for my coffee the other morning when the card machine wasn’t working, the man who helped me carry my bags home and all the friends of friends of friends who have followed, liked and shared links to Conversations with Rose.

I love the uplifting power of a smile from a stranger on the train, or any other small gesture of kindness that fill the normality of our lives. One of my absolute favourite stories of stranger kindness happened to a friend of mine.

On a Christmas travelling trip to Toronto Canada he came across a concert hall in the centre of town with a big crowd queuing to get in to see a big orchestra playing. He decided on the spot to buy a ticket but unfortunately after speaking to the ticket office, he found out that the show had been sold out for months.

A bit defeated he started walking away but was called back by the salesman at the ticket office who was apologising profusely. He had forgotten about a lady who a few months previously visited the ticket office and bought two tickets. She gave one of these tickets back to the man and kindly instructed him to give it to the first single person wanting a ticket over Christmas. This would be her present to that stranger. That is how my friend spent a night watching beautiful music sponsored by some lady living in Canada.

I love this story and I love this lady and I love that she both supported the arts and made some strangers night. I wonder what gave her such a brilliant idea. I hope that I can do something like this, I might have to steal the idea.

All I can say is be on the lookout, who knows, next time you go to buy a ticket at Alt-j or a really good Led Zeppelin tribute band, or even Robert Plant himself, and the guy at the ticket office says, this ticket is free courtesy of a kind stranger, that kind stranger might just be me.

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