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The innocent threesome

The Camino By May 6, 2016 Tags: , , 1 Comment

Sharing on Camino
Walking into Roncesvalles on day one was magical but tough. We walked down a steep hill with the impressive image of a monastery ahead, my knees were not happy with this decline. I was feeling an overwhelming sense of achievement as I had completed my first day of the Camino yet some things did not go as planned. I did for example not get up at 6am and walk in the dark early morning hours and so this was my main aim for day two.


A letter of encouragement

Just sharing By March 23, 2016 Tags: , , No Comments

The Camino Road
Life CV…I like using this term when referring to my experiences in life and it is a term I use often. My personal goal is for my own life CV to be filled with experiences that help me discover, grow and sample the variety that is present in life.

Truthfully there are some unwanted items on my life CV, things that even with the backing of good intentions still turned out to be a bad idea. Things that make me wonder, “What was I meant to learn from that one?”


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