I’m a Product Manager by profession, so it is only natural that my first instinct would be to build a roadmap for this project. This has grown slightly bigger as it’s more a roadmap of my life at this point.
Pictured in this blog was the starting roadmap on my wall at home. I’ve learned a few things from it:

  1. I have terrible handwriting.
  2. I have a problem spelling the word preparations.
  3. That seeing this roadmap and its goals on my wall in my bedroom every single day is helping to make it a reality and is helping cut out the unnecessary.

I wish I had learned some Product Manager skills earlier in my life, things like producing a minimal viable product, the idea of starting something small and then building on this idea automatically lends itself to success. I might have had many more ideas come to life rather than backing out early on due to a lack of direction. A roadmap is also easily editable, a post it note can be added and removed at any point making it a great life planner given the variety of possibilities.

I always say that, I design but I am not a great designer, I code but I am not a brilliant coder but I am the link between the two. This I hope is the right skill to drive a project like this one all the way to the finishing line.

I’m no expert in planning, I have a real hatred of Excel and so having a visual representation of something is a concept I follow easily. I think that I will apply this logic to all things going forward, and hopefully have many more ideas come to life.

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