Design the logo

Recognising your own strengths and weaknesses is not always an easy thing to do however at some point we all have to face the facts. I had that moment last week when, after hours of trying to design the logo for Conversations with Rose, I had to admit that logo design is just not something I’m particularly good at. Somewhere between the preliminary sketches and the focus on representing the brand or more accurately the cause in this case, I get lost.

Throughout the start of this project I’ve been overwhelmed by support. I’ve had very kind and gifted friends help at every point, most of the time without me even asking. This has been my saving grace. On this occasion however, I do need to ask for help.

Why do I need a logo?

Conversations with Rose is quite a mouthful and therefore it would be great to have a simple logo representing the cause that can be used across social media, the web and promotional material. This logo I hope will become something all supporters recognise and relate too. So I need a designer who is willing to create this logo.

Let me just rephrase that, I need a talented designer who is willing to offer their support to the project by designing the Conversations with Rose logo for free.

Yes, free.


You will have an opportunity to help me make this a success, the logo you design will be featured across all associated social media, web and print material and I will mention you personally on this blog.

Do you think you are the right designer? Great, send me a message via the contact page and I’ll send over the design brief and specifications.